6 Great Ground Transportation Tips for Making Your Way Around London

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London is a huge city yet a lot of fun to explore and wander around. When it comes to getting to and from all the sights though, especially as someone unfamiliar with the city and how its many different transportation systems work, it can get confusing pretty fast. To help clear things up, here are six great ground transportation tips that can help make any trip to London all the more easier.


Remaining polite with the city’s transportation staff is absolutely fundamental if you want them to help you to get where you’re going. Being respectful and asking with a smile and a quick please can go a long way to helping open busy staff up and have them put you on the right path as to where you need to go.

Personal Services

If riding the London Tube or trying to work out which of London’s hundreds of bus routes is likely to enervate and stress you, there’s always the option of using personal travel services to help make things a little easier. Professional drivers at Blacklane can pick you up from wherever you want in the city and take you to where you need to go. Knowing there are services like this available can offer great peace of mind.

Purchase in Advance

Another great ground transportation tip for trips made to and from London is to purchase a ticket as far in advance as possible. Do this and you’ll save money as rates are generally cheaper the further away from the day of travel. What’s more is that many of these purchases can also be made online directly through web sites or apps themselves.

Return Over Two One-Ways

Opting to buy a return ticket, especially if you’re planning on making a trip in and out of the city, oftentimes works out far cheaper than two one-way purchases. This is generally the rule for all of London’s ground transportation services and you can buy tickets at the stations or beforehand.

Sometimes, however, it might actually, due to odd dates or holidays etc., be a better idea to buy two single tickets. That’s why it’s a good idea to check beforehand using each of the services travel planners online.

Keep Hold of Tickets

Another huge tip that’s super important to keep in mind when travelling in and around London is to keep hold of your tickets as they are sometimes necessary for the exits at stations.

When you get on a bus, train or tube, keep your tickets somewhere safe so that you don’t misplace them and have to go through the embarrassment of explaining how you lost your ticket. More often than not you’ll be asked to pay for a new one and, in extreme cases, can even be fined.

Group Discounts

One final tip is that of group discounts. London ground transport often offers very suitable and friendly rates for groups looking to buy travel tickets they can use to enter and exit the city. Sometimes these can even start at groups as low as three people and often also include discounted fairs for children and adults over a certain age.

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