Bingo made the trip to the British Museum all the more exciting!

Travel tip

Travelling is fun- which travel lover on earth would never agree on this? Whether you visit a nearby place or a far holiday spot, being a tourist you never fail to find interest and happiness in any of your destinations.

Personally my family being fond of travelling, we often go to places that are appealing and worth visiting! It so happened that last weekend we finally went to the British Museum, London after days of planning.

Such a historical museum exhibiting a vast collection of incredible world art and artifacts is definitely a must go place for every individual. Exclusive events, exhibitions and workshops held at the museum have always been among the main sources of attraction.

The museum activities that usually focus on both family and kids surely add more fun or excitement factor to the visit of the historical rooms or galleries. We had spent some entertaining seven hours at the museum and my son still recollects the memories almost everyday!

The blend of human history, art and culture was undoubtedly just too good to experience. But after visiting some main monuments, I relaxed for sometime before continuing the expedition later again.

My husband and my son did not take any break or rest as such in between- you can rightly make out their strong interest to explore and know more! I was having a bit of pain on my knees while walking for long due to which the break was a much needed one.

Ever wondered what kept me engaged in my almost one hour break while my family explored the museum? It’s none other than my favourite games of online bingo which I play daily without fail no matter how hectic my schedules are.

The fun packed games of bingo would simply refresh and enliven you at any place and any time. Step in the popular site GameVillage on your mobile browser, register here and play the bingo games while you are lounging or travelling or waiting somewhere!

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