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16 May 2016

Tour to central London

Step into the heart of the capital which is a bustling centre for numerous exciting activities, events and venues. Enjoy a great amalgamation of tradition, culture, innovation and creativity, and venture into the depth of the city
11 Apr 2016

6 Great Ground Transportation Tips for Making Your Way Around London

London is a huge city yet a lot of fun to explore and wander around. When it comes to getting to and from all the sights though, especially as someone unfamiliar with the city and how its
28 Mar 2016

Six Things you Really Should do in Prague

If you are lucky enough to visit the Czech capital Prague there are a few sights and sounds you really should not miss. Prague is a beautiful city that combines a rich and long history with all
15 Feb 2016

Do something different in Paris

When you travel to a major tourist city like Paris, it’s tempting to take the road more travelled and follow your guide book’s top ten suggestions. That way, you can move on, having ticked off those amazing