What To Look for in a Limousine Company Before Hiring?

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Hiring a limousine is not the most major decision that you’ll ever make in life, but it is an important decision in many ways. Whether you’re booking a limo for a hen’s night, a buck’s party, a concert, a sporting event, a business trip, or the biggest day of your life, it’s important to know what to look for in a limousine company before hiring one for the occasion in question.

A great vehicle fleet

Some limousine companies only have one or two limousines for you to select from, which can be okay if they’ve got exactly what you’re after, but it’s always good to have a selection from which to choose. When you need to arrange limo hire in Perth for an event you’re attending, you want to be able to choose from:

  • Chrysler limousines – Some of the most stylish limousines available
  • Hummer limos – These are incredibly trendy these days
  • Jet door limos – Make a stylish entrance

The more limousines you have to select from the better, so hunt around to find the very best limousine fleet in your city to provide you with a great selection of limos to hire from.

Customer reviews

It isn’t always possible to find decent reviews of limousine hire companies in your city, but if you can find a customer review website it’s well-worth looking at it because customer reviews help you get a good idea of what others thought of their experiences with local limo companies.

If you can’t find a dedicated customer review website, look at the limo companies’ websites to see what their customers have to say about their vehicles, drivers and overall experiences.


There’s very little chance of your coming across a limousine hire company whose vehicles are not insured. However, some companies are lax about other insurance policies, like public liability insurance, which are required if an accident or incident occurred. When enquiring about limousine hire services from leading limousine companies like Wicked Limos, ask them about insurance. While there’s little chance of them not being fully insured, it’s always good to check, just to be sure.

How long they’ve been operating

There are many exciting new limo companies just getting started that offer great limo hire experiences, but there’s a lot to be said for experience. Experienced limousine hire companies:

  • Are generally more reliable
  • Can offer you better advice
  • Are more customer-centric

If you’re looking for a reliable, customer orientated limousine hire company, it’s usually advisable to go with those that have been in business the longest. Though having said that, there really are some excellent up-and-coming local limo hire companies with brand new limousines for hire that offer great service and reasonable prices.

Whatever the event or occasion you’re attending, whether that’s a night on the town with the girls or lads, a concert or a sporting event, a limousine is the perfect vehicle in which to transport you there in comfort and style. Take these helpful tips into account to source the ideal local limousine company to hire a limo from.

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