Malang – One of Indonesia’s Most Underrated Cities

Indonesia is one of the most diverse countries in the world with intermingled cultures and lifestyles that are represented in different ways from city to city. One of the most historic, and relaxing cities that often gets overlooked by travelers is Malang. The Dutch influence, and colonial architecture with its tree lined streets is a welcoming home away from home with plenty to do and see.

Malang Travel

Singosari Temples

Malang Travel

Surrounding the city of Malang are the Singosari Temples that date back to 1222 and 1292AD. Built in honor of the Singosari Dynasty, these temple ruins are a historical reminder to locals of their tumultuous past. All that remains are the cone shaped red brick building and two giant statues that once were consider the Palace “entrance guards”. Lush foliage now intertwines with this magnificent piece of history.

Wonosari Tea Garden

This horticulturally diverse plantation produces coffee, tea, rubber, cocoa, and other crops. Its cool climates and panoramic views make the tea garden a wonderful destination for tourists. Walking tours of the working tea fields can be taken allowing you to watch field workers harvesting tea while you get your days exercise and fresh air. Other attractions at the tea garden include a mini zoo, and tennis courts along with a playground and a drivable mini train. This is a great place for families to spend the day being active and learning about the tea industry.

Gunung Arjuna Volcano

Malang Travel

Take a hike up the now dormant twin volcano. Standing at an elevation of 10,955 feet, these twin volcanoes provide scenic looks of the valleys below as well as remnants of the last time these volcanoes erupted in 1952.

Hotel lugu Malang Museum and Gallery

The owner of this four-star hotel is an avid collector of Asian antiquities and art, and as such he has built the most impressive exhibit of 10th and 13th century artifacts in Malang. The collection includes Ming Dynasty porcelain, ceramics from the 10th century, and 13th century jade carvings. The collection is not set in the traditional museum format, but instead is spread throughout the hotel property allowing visitors to tour the hotel as they search to uncover treasures that are hidden in plain sight.

Markets and Bazaars

For a pleasant morning stroll along the river valley check out the Pasar Bunga flower market and take in the sights, sounds and fragrances from all of the different flower vendors in one place. For a more traditional market experience there is the Pasar Besar. It is the largest public market in Malag and you will find everything there from fresh fish, beef, and fruit, to hand crafted items, and much more.

For the most conveniently located hotel check out the Swiss-Belinn Malang. This 3-star hotel is centrally located making it walking distance to almost any place you want to go. Some of the amenities that this modern designed hotel offers include 24-hour room service, laundry services, WiFi, and non-smoking floors. Book online and get started on your trip to cultural exploration and relaxation today.

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