The Tow Truck Evolution Throughout Time


Tow trucks have always been a necessary part of driving, as cars tend to break down now and then, and while they do provide an essential service, the history of the tow truck shows how development slowly took hold. The early types of tow trucks differed greatly from what we see on the roads today, and if you would like to know how it all started, look no further.

Model T Ford

Back in 1916, a proud owner of a Model T ford drove it into a creek in Chattanooga, in the USA. So, they called out a local service station owner, Mr. Ernest Holmes, who, with the help of a group of strong men, spent 9 hours before finally getting the car out of the water. After the ordeal was over, Ernest thought there must be an easier way to do this, so he enlisted the help of two friends and set about building the world’s first tow truck. The prototype left a lot to be desired, and after Ernest added some outriggers, it worked much better.

Patented Design

Ernest soon realised he was onto a winner and patented the design, and sold the “Holmes” wrecker to other garages in the area. The concept of going to the site of a vehicle breakdown and towing it to a repair shop became firmly entrenched in motoring. Mr. Holmes passed away in 1945 but his family kept the towing service business until 1973.

Modern Tow Trucks

Today’s vehicles have tilt tray beds and can quickly recover any car that needs to be transported. If you happen to live in Western Australia, and are looking for a tow truck, towing in Perth by Executive Towing Services offers the ideal solution to transporting any vehicle. Tilt tray towing is the best way to transport a badly damaged vehicle, as the body slides back and tilts, allowing the car to be loaded easily onto the tray. This is also the best way to transport a valuable sports car or even large machinery, and with qualified personnel, you can be sure your vehicle will be delivered undamaged.

Wheel Lift Trucks

These work by inserting a cradle under the drive wheels of the car (front or Back) and hydraulically lifting them off the ground. The vehicle can then be towed safely with only two wheels on the ground. This type of tow truck is ideal for a car that is not damaged too much, and is much easier to set up.

Combination Tow Trucks

Some towing vehicles have both a flatbed and wheel lift functions, enabling the truck to transport a car in one of two ways. The flatbed can be used by winching the vehicle onto the tray, or the front wheels of the car can be lifted and the vehicle then towed at the rear of the tow truck.

Recovery vehicles come in many shapes and sizes and are a far cry from Ernest Holmes’s first prototype, and if you ever breakdown, the chances are you will need the help of a tow truck.

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