Tour to central London

Step into the heart of the capital which is a bustling centre for numerous exciting activities, events and venues. Enjoy a great amalgamation of tradition, culture, innovation and creativity, and venture into the depth of the city in your tour to the central London. Whether you are a history lover, art admirer, theatre goer or adventure seeker, the centre of the town is the right place to hit. Have a look through our picks that will help you find best things to do in central London.

Things to do

London Travel

Tour to Royal Opera house and Covent Garden

Explore the lively riverside culture south of the Thames and centuries old Covent garden heritage. Your tour to the opera will take you backstage and around the auditorium to show the things behind the scene activities. Beside, you’ll get to see the Royal Ballet in class. The tour also offers information and insights about the building’s architecture.

Visit St. Pauls Cathedral

This amazing masterpiece is something to look at. Apart from the grand and intricate architecture of the cathedral another thing to discover is Whispering Gallery, where you can experience the unusual acoustics of the cathedral’s architecture. It create a bizarre aural phenomenon : Ask your friend to stand on the opposite side of the dome and whisper something and you’ll get to hear clearly each word despite being over 100 feet away on the other side. This is something really unique to experience.

See the pelicans in St James’s Park

If you visit Greenwich Park and Richmond Park, you can get to see deer and to watch peacocks visit Holland Park. But in St James’s, the wildlife that attracts so many tourists is pelicans. Pelicans are beautiful baggy-beaked birds, which can be seen chowing down on fish on the park’s central lake. These birds were first given as gifts in 1664 by the Russian Ambassador.

See glittering Christmas Lights at West End

A leisurely evening stroll to West End will give an opportunity to see the beautifully decorated lights on the huge Christmas tree, which is part of Christmas time tradition. These lights are adorned and switched on in early November, by famous celebrities. This draws a huge crowd here. Other attractions are the stylish lights in the Oxford Street and classic lights in the Regent Street. Do not miss the glamorously decorated Selfridges’ windows, too, which also looks truly magical.

Apart from all these attractions, some other sites to explore are London Bridge, the London Transport Museum, Jazz club, Regents Canal and Soho’s theatres Victoria, among others.

Where to Stay in central London

Central London is home to many beautiful townhouses and luxury apartments offering best accommodation options for tourists and locals. Apart from several high profile hotels, the area offers a range of serviced apartments in Farringdon, Clerkenwell, East End, The city of London, West Minster and Kensington. You’ll find great apartments in central London on rent in these districts at reasonable rates. All these apartments are fully-furnished and quipped with modern amenities to make your stay comfortable one.

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